Time to kick back

I am finally done with all my midterms. I got the only A on my Calculus Exam, however I think a buncha people in the class are non math majors who are repeating the class 'cause they failed it once already. XD

I also just submitted my Aristotle Exam, so I can truly relax now. The sad part is that I have to turn right around and write a paper comparing Plato (Exam I)to Aristotle. yuck!

Seeing as Registration for Summer and Fall terms are right around the corner, I have been looking at what courses I can take. So far, for the summer, it is looking like art appreciation and spaceship earth (Senior Seminar). Taking these 4 week (mid May - mid June) classes will allow me to focus on Math courses in the fall and will still allow me to have a nice summer break.

Speaking of Fall here is what is on tap for that:
  • Calculus II
  • Discrete Math
  • Linear Algebra
  • Computer Systems

  • 14 hours of fun!

    Well that's about it. I also uploaded my weekly Java applets.

    -----------> JAVA APPLETS <--------------

    So check em out and let me know what ya think.


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    1. bi fold door was freaking me out - made me think of a spider. :)

      and how appropriate that i see the first one today since today is Pi day.