Sarah Bush Lincoln Health Spa

So this past Thursday, I went to the emergency room at Sara Bush Lincoln Hospital with really bad abdominal pain, the scoots, and lots of dry heaving. Well after many tests, some morphine, and some benedryl to counter the itchy effects from the contrast CT, I think they admitted me but im not really sure as I went to planet retard about 30 seconds after the benedryl/morphine shots.

So I found myself relaxing in a hospital bed doped on morphine and getting an IV of saline and Zosyn(anti-biotic). I am told there were some pretty ridiculous moments where I made little to no sense. I wasn't allowed anything by mouth until middle of the second day in and then was only liquid diet for 24 hours. I finally got some (hospital) food in my stomach a few hours before i was discharged.

All in all it wasn't really a bad experience. However, i'm pretty sure if I had to spend another night in there I would have been put in restraints. all day saturday I kept gettin outta bed and walking around the floor and pestering Erin, Cindy, and Dad because I was going stir crazy.

Anyway. I am gettin caught up on my work for classes and lookin forward to gettin past midterms. I also have some new Java Applets that I just uploaded to my website:


Check out the New Applets and let me know what ya think. Some may seem simple compared to previous weeks, however, the internal workings are more complicated and they were exercises in writing those methods.



  1. You'd think a guy in computer science could make that URL a link. ;-)

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  3. oh i just assumed blogger would make it one like any other decent web app. if nothing else the post title links to my website.

    -- fixed --

  4. SPECTACULAR and AWESOME...were you watching Seinfeld? I'm glad you're feeling better.