Enough is Enough!

Attention women and girls around the world. STOP THE MADNESS!! These two articles of clothing do not belong together.

Yes I have complained about this subject before, and I am hardly the fashion police, but I know a bad thing when I see it... And so does everyone else... Ladies you are doing yourself a great disservice dressing like slobs. I assume you have all heard the phrase, "Looks like they got dressed in the dark." Well there ya go. In fact I would probably go a little farther and say that you had been dressed by a blind woman who had lost their sense of touch.

I'll admit I was very skeptical of the boots themselves (especially the colored rain boots that have become very popular) but they are growing on me. I have seen many people pairing them with jeans, khakis, among other things and it works. Far be it from me to actually critique a fashion statement (and know what I'm talking about), butt this particular statement is obviously, a largely bad one.

--Chuck (fashion extraordinaire)


  1. hahaha. oh Chuck. I have 5 different pairs of boots including black with furr, purple rain boots, and the ones you pictures. However, I do not wear them with sweatpants but with about everything else, dresses, skirts, jeans. My feet get cold.

  2. yeah i'm with ya on this one, charles. leggings/sweatpants with boots belong on the 10 and under age-group.

  3. Oh, I don't know...don't you think Grandma should get some of these?