Hold on to your butts!

Been pretty lazy of late. After I turned in my philosophy paper, I have taken to relaxing and trying not to think. Our weekends are busy as ever, i am starting to wonder if we will ever spend time at our apartment on a weekend. This weekend Becky and the girls are gonna be in Jacksonville so we are heading there to spend some time with them. the next weekend is our anniversary so I was planning on spending some time in Chucktown, but it turns out that we share our anniversary with some friends and they are planning on getting married that day. So we'll be in Jville for that too. Oh well someday we will get to just relax.

We have officially started exercising again. for right now the plan is to walk/run on mondays, tuesdays, thursdays, and on the weekends. Wednesdays are out because we are too busy and friday involves drinking beer. >.< lol It feels good to exercise again. I'm pretty sure I have put some of the weight I lost last year back on. So i am def ready to lose that again and hopefully I'll get rid of this gut.

Well that's about all I can say right now. I've a test tomorrow in Calc, but I'm not too worried.

Here are the newest applets. I didn;t post any last week because it was a two week lab. So check out 10 and 11. I will prolly have another couple later this week but this is it for now.

-- Chuck

p.s. oh duh I forgot to mention I am all registered for classes for the summer and fall. This summer I have classes from May 17 - June 11 and June 14 - July 24.

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