Time to kick back

I am finally done with all my midterms. I got the only A on my Calculus Exam, however I think a buncha people in the class are non math majors who are repeating the class 'cause they failed it once already. XD

I also just submitted my Aristotle Exam, so I can truly relax now. The sad part is that I have to turn right around and write a paper comparing Plato (Exam I)to Aristotle. yuck!

Seeing as Registration for Summer and Fall terms are right around the corner, I have been looking at what courses I can take. So far, for the summer, it is looking like art appreciation and spaceship earth (Senior Seminar). Taking these 4 week (mid May - mid June) classes will allow me to focus on Math courses in the fall and will still allow me to have a nice summer break.

Speaking of Fall here is what is on tap for that:
  • Calculus II
  • Discrete Math
  • Linear Algebra
  • Computer Systems

  • 14 hours of fun!

    Well that's about it. I also uploaded my weekly Java applets.

    -----------> JAVA APPLETS <--------------

    So check em out and let me know what ya think.



    Do you like fractals?

    It's that time again! Time for some more awesome Java Applets!!

    -------> CLICK HERE!!! <-------

    Today I did these applets while sitting on my couch. I hooked my lappy into my HDTV and BAM! The most comfortable seat in the apartment became my workstation! ;)

    Let me know what ya think!!



    Enough is Enough!

    Attention women and girls around the world. STOP THE MADNESS!! These two articles of clothing do not belong together.

    Yes I have complained about this subject before, and I am hardly the fashion police, but I know a bad thing when I see it... And so does everyone else... Ladies you are doing yourself a great disservice dressing like slobs. I assume you have all heard the phrase, "Looks like they got dressed in the dark." Well there ya go. In fact I would probably go a little farther and say that you had been dressed by a blind woman who had lost their sense of touch.

    I'll admit I was very skeptical of the boots themselves (especially the colored rain boots that have become very popular) but they are growing on me. I have seen many people pairing them with jeans, khakis, among other things and it works. Far be it from me to actually critique a fashion statement (and know what I'm talking about), butt this particular statement is obviously, a largely bad one.

    --Chuck (fashion extraordinaire)


    Sarah Bush Lincoln Health Spa

    So this past Thursday, I went to the emergency room at Sara Bush Lincoln Hospital with really bad abdominal pain, the scoots, and lots of dry heaving. Well after many tests, some morphine, and some benedryl to counter the itchy effects from the contrast CT, I think they admitted me but im not really sure as I went to planet retard about 30 seconds after the benedryl/morphine shots.

    So I found myself relaxing in a hospital bed doped on morphine and getting an IV of saline and Zosyn(anti-biotic). I am told there were some pretty ridiculous moments where I made little to no sense. I wasn't allowed anything by mouth until middle of the second day in and then was only liquid diet for 24 hours. I finally got some (hospital) food in my stomach a few hours before i was discharged.

    All in all it wasn't really a bad experience. However, i'm pretty sure if I had to spend another night in there I would have been put in restraints. all day saturday I kept gettin outta bed and walking around the floor and pestering Erin, Cindy, and Dad because I was going stir crazy.

    Anyway. I am gettin caught up on my work for classes and lookin forward to gettin past midterms. I also have some new Java Applets that I just uploaded to my website:


    Check out the New Applets and let me know what ya think. Some may seem simple compared to previous weeks, however, the internal workings are more complicated and they were exercises in writing those methods.