Last set of Apps

Well I just finished my 14th and final lab for Java. Check it out!

last couple weeks of labs have been pretty boring but were necessary for me to learn how to do stuff. I'm sure next year will be loaded with more fun things.

gonna be pretty busy this next week. i have a calc take home test to finish, plus my dreaded philosophy exam and final paper. lots of typing.

once all that is done all I have left are the finals in Calc I and CS I.

It has been a good semester and first I have had in a long time that I did so well. I should end up with a B in Philosophy, maybe an A if I pull a miracle out of my ass. I should have an A in both Calc I and CS I. so pretty good.

I'm lookin forward to my summer classes and gettin a nice little break in July/August.

Lastly.. Praise to the Unmoved Mover! I can now sit on my butt and not worry about money. My Suga Momma is now employed by America's most popular quick sustenance establishment. McDonalds! woo. We are set!



  1. McNuggets are so 1990.. i'm bankin on free McCafe's cause i'm so hip..