politics is making me sad

The state of our political climate in the US right now is one of, "I'll get mine, and to hell with everyone else." It really makes me sad and ashamed. If we really are the leader of the free world, then we are a poor example for all those who come after us. We should be able to come together to do what is right, rather than bicker and complain that the legislation is too liberal or too conservative. The system has become more and more corrupt. Politicians can no longer just set aside their political beliefs without essentially cutting off an arm or a leg of their finances.

Personally I don't think this is all politicians fault though. Our nation just hasn't been able to adapt quick enough to the information age. A constant stream of fact mixed with 1/2-truths on the internet and 24/7 "news" channels on TV make the price of going out on a limb to do something right very high. With all the exposure these days one simple vote on a seemingly innocent bill could spell certain doom for any politician at any given time. There is not a man or woman in Washington that is immune to this problem. Each and every member of Congress is working to please, not their constituents, but the third parties that hold them in their pockets.

The problem doesn't just stem from third party interests. The Politicians themselves have to step up and try to work together. Over the last year the phrase I think I heard the most from people in congress is, "It's the will of the people." The left used this when they ousted Republicans from the majority, and now the right is touting it around because they are starting to get some of their political capital back. Every time they say this it's used to justify why they are too damn stubborn to consider anything but what fits into their ideals.

Maybe this view is a tad cynical, but it just seems to me that something is very wrong with the way we operate. If we can't come together to solve the problems of our nation, then we have no business being the world leader that we are. Something needs to happen and simply changing out broken parts on a corrupted political machine does NOT get it running again.

Well I hope that all makes sense. I'm still a little tired and my brain is a little scattered, but i was reading another news article this morning where both parties were trying to use the "It's the will of the people!!" line.. and it just made me so sad and angry that I had to write something.

I look forward to seeing nothing accomplished before the election in November.


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  1. "thanks to dailybiz.wordpress.com for the picture. ^.^"

    and the bandwidth. ;)

    Makes total sense, and is very well written IMO. I tend to feel the same as you and the whole thing makes me sad and sick.

  2. i am just so frustrated with the whole process. Most of the people in congress don't give a hoot about the people they represent. whats more it is going to get worse. the whole supreme court decision about financing is going to lead to other similar decisions that will just make politicians so bloody corrupt.