New Lappy

As many of you know I have been lookin' around for a new Laptop. Well.. We have a winner. After much thought, I have decided to stick with a PC. I really like the Toshiba I currently have (well aside from the fact that it is a piece of jun now), and I will eventually need to replace my desktop so I figured why not kill two birds with one Toshiba.

The Qosmio is a bit of a behemoth, weighing in at almost 10 Lbs, but that is in large part due to its 18.4" screen and 12 cell Battery. Plus it also has some pretty good hardware backing it up.

Like I was saying it will replace my desktop as well as my current laptop so it will be useful in that I can take it with me easily for use at school, but I will also be able to satisfy my dorky desire to play graphically intensive games.

All in all, I spent less on it than I would have on building a new gaming desktop, so I am very happy with the $1500 price tag. As an added bonus, I do not have to buy anti-virus software or microsoft office, since we have copies of both still waiting to be used.

I must admit, I was waiting to see what Apple released because I was very intrigued by the idea of the iPad, however after seeing it, it is just too lack luster. I think the novelty of having it would wear off almost instantly. I do think its a great idea, however the implementation leaves a lot to be desired. So the StarTrek data pad is almost there, but it'll have to wait til it is actually good to be in my inventory.



  1. Did the research to figure out your binary - I got it - pretty clever.

  2. so you let your friend guilt you out of the apple, eh? haha, just kidding. it's probably a wise move for you and that's great that you'll be able to replace both of your computers with your new purchase.

  3. J- yeah I liked the binary idea. Don't ask me where i got the idea, was just trying to decide on a title and suddenly it was there.

    B- yeah sort of. i thought about the mac still but decided to save a butload of money by not building a new desktop pc and just gonna use the new lappy for both.

  4. oh in case some people didn't notice the link to the lappy is the title of the post.