Senators or SenNOtors?

The US Senate has seen manyshades of blue and red over the years. But now the senate has skipped all shades and skipped directly to the color Retarded. OK, so maybe its not an actual color, but hear me out.

Right now the divide between the idealist factions of the two major parties are about like the grand canyon. They are so far apart and so unwilling to compromise that nothing is getting done. This inability to help the very people who elected them to their positions, is driving many good moderates to rethink even taking part is this legislative debacle. I am sure the left and the right are more than happy to see the moderates leave so they can attempt to replace them with people who will say "To hell with getting anything accomplished, lets just play politics and get re-elected!" Yeah that will be great. Lets just make the political divide that much more polarized, I'm sure then they will get something done.

How do the American people benefit from all this political grandstanding and constant posturing. Your guess is as good as mine... Retarded..