Last set of Apps

Well I just finished my 14th and final lab for Java. Check it out!

last couple weeks of labs have been pretty boring but were necessary for me to learn how to do stuff. I'm sure next year will be loaded with more fun things.

gonna be pretty busy this next week. i have a calc take home test to finish, plus my dreaded philosophy exam and final paper. lots of typing.

once all that is done all I have left are the finals in Calc I and CS I.

It has been a good semester and first I have had in a long time that I did so well. I should end up with a B in Philosophy, maybe an A if I pull a miracle out of my ass. I should have an A in both Calc I and CS I. so pretty good.

I'm lookin forward to my summer classes and gettin a nice little break in July/August.

Lastly.. Praise to the Unmoved Mover! I can now sit on my butt and not worry about money. My Suga Momma is now employed by America's most popular quick sustenance establishment. McDonalds! woo. We are set!



um excuse me?

It's been a weird day. Started off well with the news of getting an A on my calc exam. yay go me. You're children is learning.

I proceeded to go to the union and get some breakfast. Steak n eggs over-easy with shredded hashbrowns and wheat toast. Eventually Erin shows up and we start having a private intense discussion. We aren't yelling by any means mind you, and no one is really getting upset but, the guy in the next booth couldn't help but get angry with my use of "Cuss words." Apparently I used more than his daily allotment so he decided to start yelling at me, telling me that we needed to shut up, because he wants to sit and enjoy his time and not have to hear me say "the f-bomb 27 times."

I can understand someone asking politely if we would keep it down or whatever but this guy went straight from zero to asshat. So I told him we were having a private conversation and to mind his own business. Well I would have if he hadn't cut me off as soon as I started talking. He told me either I can stop cussing or he was going to call the cops. He even pulled out his phone for effect. Wait what?! You are actually going to call the cops.. because I said F*ck? really?? Half of me wanted to say go for it, and was just waiting to hear his explanation of why he called EIU PD. I don't generally shy away when someone tries to threaten me, especially when they do it in a rude fashion but, I simply decided that he wasn't worth my time. By the time he would have called the cops and they got there, I would have been late for class. So I just let it go.

The rest of my day was pretty average though I spent about half of my philosophy class thinking what he would say if I placed a flaming bag of dog poo at his front door. cause when all is said and done, nothing says I Love You like dog poo on your shoe.

-- Chuck...

Chuck bo buck, banana-fana fo... **CENSOR**

p.s. Bourbon makes everything better.... and I <3 my GF. she is amazing.


Chick-en Good.

Made some chicken stuff in the slow cooker today. onion, carrots, celery, potatoes, chicken breasts, garlic n herb soup mix, and cream of mushroom.

I'm not sure what it is gonna taste like but we will find out in a few minutes.

I uploaded a couple more Java Applets to my webpage too, so check em out and let me know what you think.



Hold on to your butts!

Been pretty lazy of late. After I turned in my philosophy paper, I have taken to relaxing and trying not to think. Our weekends are busy as ever, i am starting to wonder if we will ever spend time at our apartment on a weekend. This weekend Becky and the girls are gonna be in Jacksonville so we are heading there to spend some time with them. the next weekend is our anniversary so I was planning on spending some time in Chucktown, but it turns out that we share our anniversary with some friends and they are planning on getting married that day. So we'll be in Jville for that too. Oh well someday we will get to just relax.

We have officially started exercising again. for right now the plan is to walk/run on mondays, tuesdays, thursdays, and on the weekends. Wednesdays are out because we are too busy and friday involves drinking beer. >.< lol It feels good to exercise again. I'm pretty sure I have put some of the weight I lost last year back on. So i am def ready to lose that again and hopefully I'll get rid of this gut.

Well that's about all I can say right now. I've a test tomorrow in Calc, but I'm not too worried.

Here are the newest applets. I didn;t post any last week because it was a two week lab. So check out 10 and 11. I will prolly have another couple later this week but this is it for now.

-- Chuck

p.s. oh duh I forgot to mention I am all registered for classes for the summer and fall. This summer I have classes from May 17 - June 11 and June 14 - July 24.