From Beethoven to Calculus

I have recently been inspired to get back to listening to some classics. After watching a video on youtube of an 11 year old "conducting" Beethoven's 5th I remembered just how awesome his music was and how much I enjoy just listening to it.

So I bought all 9 symphonies on itunes. good news is they only cost like 10$ total. which is a steal by today's standards of music pricing. It has been years since I listened to any "classical" music for any longer than just a couple minutes. It is so easy to get lost in, and is my current choice to put on my iPod while I code for one of my CS classes, or just have stuff to do and I do not want to be distracted.

Speaking of CS classes, I have figured out what classes I will be taking next semester, and it looks like I may graduate on time. (and by on time, I mean 10 years late.. ;) ) here is what the spring holds for me.

MAT 3501 Differential Equations I MWF 11-11:50
MAT 2443 CALC III MWRF 12-12:50
MAT 2670 CS-II MWF 1-1:50 R 1-2:40
MAT 3770 Combinatorial Computing MWF 2-2:50
ANT 2200 Intro to Anthropology TR 9:30-10:45

It is a little busier than I would like. One good part is I really don't have many classes in the morning, but at the same time I do have four classes back-to-back-to-back-to-back. I prefer to have some time in between classes but this is just the way it will have to be since they all only have one section each. So when you add all those hours up I will be taking 17 hours.

One thing I really need to start doing is writing covers letters for my resume and getting it out to companies for internships. An internship is the one thing I am actually worried about for my degree. My overall GPA is only a 2.42 right now because of my escapades as a music major. It is going up considering my average since returning is a 4.0, but I kinda worry that my field is pretty competitive and I will get overlooked for an internship just because of my GPA. Right now I only have a couple prospects but that should get a little better as we get into the winter and companies really start to think about what interns they need and such. Only a couple at the IT fair this semester were actively looking for people for this coming summer, and a couple others said to check back in at the spring fair when they will have a better idea what they will need. So there are opportunities out there, I will just need to work on finding one that will work for me.

As far as, what the rest of my time here at EIU looks like it isn't too bad. It looks like I will have 12 hours in the fall and another 12 hours in the spring.

fall 2011 (12 hrs)
Data Structures
Problems and Statistics I
Linear programming (elective)
and some other course..

Spring 2012 (12 hrs)
Operating Systems
Problems and statistics II
Numerical Calculus

That is all I have left to do in my major. If this is gonna be the case for sure and I won't have to take any last minute classes like Mike did, then I may drop one class next semester and put it off til the fall so that I don't have to just take some other class to fill space. Plus, that will lighten my load a little bit this spring, and maybe save me from accidentally killing Erin. :)

Anyway, Beethoven rocks.



  1. In our house, both girls adore Mozart! K has always been a huge classical fan, since she was a baby - but "Allegro" by Mozart seems to top her list...guess I should pull out some Beethoven then too! Sounds like things are going well for you, take care and don't study too hard! J-

  2. Beethoven will be good for your moody tweens, Jess.

    Beethoven was always my favorite too, I'm glad you're getting back into listening to the classics and that you're doing so well in school. Honestly, I'm so proud of you for what you've accomplished!